In April 2018, we wanted to check in on how our classes were going, so we requested our wonderful parents fill out a Survey Monkey review. All responses were anonymous, and we included them all here. We haven't cherry picked the good ones - we promise!

“We love how you teach class! Your energy is perfect, and we love the mix of songs you use. I like the instruments you have, and I like that we don’t use them for every song so the kids feel like singing is just as fun as using the toys/instruments.”

“Love this class and my babygirl gets so excited to come and sings the songs all week as well as sings them to her dad :) She also teaches the songs to her cousins.”

“We LOVE learning new songs and my children love to dance and play instruments.”

“We joined our music class as we figured it would be a fun way to have my son socialize. That is exactly what we got! We love music and dancing at home so it's been fun to have new songs to bond over every day. I've especially loved seeing his face light up when I say "We're going to music class today!" It's reassuring that we've found a great class he truly enjoys!”

“We love learning new songs and then singing them at home. It gives us something to look forward to each week to get us out of the house and give them a chance to interact with other kids.”

“We love coming to class, playing the instruments and singing. Music class has helped influence more music time at home!”

“We have a music and art background so we feel it is very important in development. I don't have any stories to share, and not even sure exactly how it has influenced him yet, but we will continue to have him involved.”

“Since starting music class we listen to a lot more kid friendly music in the car and at home.”

“We love your music classes! My oldest is constantly singing the songs he learns in class, and I love that my kids are making new friends every time we attend.”

“My child loves music and dancing to the songs that we are singing. She also loves to play all of the instruments.”

“Gives ya motivation for good behavior and something to look forward to each week.”

“My oldest has become more social because of this class. It teaches the kids they don’t have to worry about what people think about them and they just have fun! My children love it. We are grateful for you!”