music and art for kids!

(and adults, too!)

Did you know that children taking classes in the Arts have significantly fewer disciplinary issues? AND higher graduation rates? Imagine This! is a place for children and the adults who love them to find easy and fun ways to get these benefits while creating and playing through music and art! 

In our one-of-a-kind Music Classes, children from 0-5 years old can learn, sing, and play! We have Newborn (0-8 months) classes or you can enroll them in Hoky Poky Kids, which ranges from Sitting - 5 years. This family atmosphere is perfect! Younger children develop and learn from older children, and older children just love to show off for the younger ones. And having a mother or father (or other loved one!) attend with them just adds to the fun! In all of these classes, we sing popular children's songs but also learn new ones. We play simple instruments, dance, and just have a grand time together!

Our Art Classes are specifically geared toward children and their abilities. These classes are for children from 2-18 years and are separated more by ability than age. However, from Picasso's (Pre-Art), up to da Vinci's (Art III) we'll help them move right along from learning about mixing colors to using the objects around them to create art (including using fingers and toes!), up to projects that require significantly more technique and attention to detail. You just know your children will love this class! Come with your child if they're 7 or younger and be ready to jump into art - without having to worry about the cleanup!

We also offer discounts for those enrolled in multiple classes or have multiple children attending from the same family. Check out our classes and sign up today!



Picasso Children's Art Class Picasso's (Pre-Art)

Price: $40.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Enrollment Fee
Cost: $40.00
Hoky Poky Children's Music Class Hoky Poky Kids Music (Sitting - 5 years)

Price: $40.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Enrollment Fee
Cost: $40.00
Private Art Lessons Private Art Lessons

Price: $70.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Enrollment Fee
Cost: $70.00
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We have so many options! Toddler Music Classes for Children up to Age 5, Art Classes for Children Ages 2-18, Piano Lessons for Ages 5 and up, and Private Art Lessons for Ages 8 and up!

Looking for a one time outing? How about our Paint Nights? These classes combine expert instruction with a relaxing atmosphere for the most fun! We also love to host Private Events for Adults and Birthday Parties for Kids!

Spots are limited, sign up soon! More details on classes can be found here.


990 South Main Street Unit F-1
Logan, UT 84321

Class times vary, see schedule
Office Hours: Wed 1 pm-5 pm
     Tues: 9 am-12 pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
(except for Paint Nights)