Imagine This! has a very simple mission statement. We want to create fun and easy ways for people to reap the benefits of Music and Art in their lives. Whether it be through art, music, or a mixture of the two, we love seeing the glint of joy and imagination on their faces! So, we have created these classes for children and adults . We hope you will agree that there’s nothing quite like the happiness you receive when you’re creating something.

But enough about us! Let’s learn about the teachers who will help bring that joy to you!

Idena Ward:

Idena is the creator and owner of Imagine This! Logan. She has always been interested in music and has played piano and sung for most of her life. She has always loved how music can impact a moment - whether it be at a party, in church, at home, or in the car, she firmly believes in the power of music to move the soul.

This became even truer after Idena had children! She quickly realized that when she played music with her children and showed them how much she loved it, they loved it too. If she or they were having a hard time, she would put on a child-appropriate (most of the time) pop song and they would dance around the kitchen until they all felt better! When it was time for bed, she would sing a lullaby and feel the calmness surrounding her and her child (again… most of the time).

Soon, she began looking for Music Classes for Toddlers around Cache Valley, thinking it would be a great way to socialize with her children and other Mom’s. Idena was surprised to note that there weren’t that many of these classes and they were almost all in people’s homes!

She attended a few and quickly realized teaching these fun classes was something she would love to be doing herself.

With her strong background in music and her husband cheering her on she began teaching Toddler Music Classes in her house a couple of days a week. Idena even began to finally realize a lifelong goal and taught herself the guitar so she could accompany the children without sitting behind a piano! After hardly any time at all, she realized she had found her calling. Just singing and playing simple songs with these children brought so much joy to her life! And people loved it - her classes were always full.

Idena wanted to spread the joy to others and so after a few years of doing it in her home, decided to open a studio where she could spread the joy as far as possible! She gathered a few people who shared her vision and quickly added Art classes to the roster, a huge hit! She feels very blessed to have found something that she loves so much, and even more wonderful - other people love it too!

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Marissa Purnell:

Ever since Marissa was a little child, the power and effect art can have on an individual has amazed her. She was raised in a home where art and music were always present. Her mother provided many opportunities to paint and draw, and she taught Marissa to play the harp.

Creating visual art became a therapeutic experience where Marissa was able to be herself and express her emotions. She would spend hours upon hours in her “art studio” working on several different projects, whether to sell to friends at school or to enter a state-wide competition. Whatever the purpose, practicing art was a time she truly felt like herself.

When she reached High School, Marissa decided she wanted to be an artist for the rest of her life and make a living out of it. But instead of pursuing traditional art careers, she became intrigued by the practice of “Art Therapy”, specifically with children.

While learning about the emotional effects art has on people, Marissa began to recognize and recall the positive effects art had on her while she was growing up; how it was a mental escape, a time to express herself and build her self-confidence.

Marissa fell in love with teaching art to kids when she began college. She loves seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they feel their own freedom of expression using fun and sometimes messy materials!

Marissa wants to be able to help children learn not only the basic elements and principles of art but also how art can be a tool of expression. She wants them to feel the joy that she feels whenever they begin a new painting, sharpen a drawing pencil, or simply doodle in a sketchbook.

Marissa is absolutely thrilled to be teaching art to your children at Imagine This! Logan She can’t wait to help your children discover a creative desire they didn’t know was there, a part of them that only art can uncover!

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Brittney Phillips:

Brittney knew she wanted to be an artist ever since she was a little girl and would watch her older brother draw cartoons! It amazed her to watch some of the characters she loved so much come to life on her brother's paper and she knew with all her heart that Art was what she really wanted to do. She began to draw all the time, with the majority of her inspiration derived from her family's huge love for Disney.

She began taking classes in school and started exploring all of the different genres and mediums in art, finding a passion for drawing people and animals, while loving the peace and limitless imagination that came with creating. Art became a way of speaking for her when words couldn't and she found her voice through it, with the help and constant support of her loving family and friends.

Originally interested in pursuing a career in Animation, Brittney began to realize in her first year of College that life behind a screen was not for her and wanted to have a career where she'd be able to continue creating with her hands and interact with others.

She found her new path with the help of some amazing advice from several Art Teachers she had in both high school and college. While teaching her the fundamentals of art, they also inspired her to push beyond the boundaries in art and find a way to creatively express what set her soul on fire. Contrary to what several other people tried to tell her, it wasn't about what looked most realistic, but what made people feel, and this was a huge change in perspective for Brittney.

Without these amazing teachers, she wouldn't have become the artist she is today, and she aspires to impact young inspiring artists the way that her own teachers have, pursuing a career within Art Education at Utah State University.

Brittney is so excited to be teaching at Imagine This! Logan and can't wait to teach art to your children and help them unlock their creative potential.

If you have any questions about Brittney, feel free to contact us at

Gisselle Garcia ("Gigi"):

Gigi is an art student up at Utah State University that hopes to major in Art Therapy. She was born and raised in Logan and loves the outdoors! She also loves to travel - she can’t get enough of it!

Poetry is what originally got her into art, reading poems sparked her imagination and her love for surreal themes. She would often draw doodles of how poems made her feel, that’s why she has such a deep connection to Art. Growing up, she struggled a lot with anxiety. But Art was always there when nothing else was. Art Therapy is something she would love to share with others who have had similar experiences.

Raymond Veon (an Art professor at USU) was a huge influence and inspiration for her. He guided her not only as a student but as an artist. He was the first person with credentials to take her artwork seriously and opened many doors. He taught her that Art is so much more than an aesthetic- it is life. She wishes she had more Art teachers that encouraged personal growth and creativity, that is why she wants to teach it. She wants to be the Art teacher she never got to have when she was young. She encourages her students to take risks and to go outside their comfort zones; Art has no restrictions, no matter the age.

Her favorite thing about art is how expressive it is, from the colors to each individual stroke, you can truly change perspectives or even emotions; there is nothing more beautiful than that.

If you have any questions about Gigi, feel free to contact us at

Emily Marchant:

Music has always been a major part of Emily’s life. She is an accomplished dancer, singer, and performer. She has been a featured performer at Disneyland and Disney World and various resorts in the Caribbean. She has also performed and entertained on many cruise ships. Emily was privileged to perform with the 2002 Olympics, Moscow Olympics, and Special Olympics. Emily is a former Miss Sandy and represented that city at the Miss Utah Pageant. Emily competed and performed with private dance teams earning many awards and accomplishments, and she served as co-captain for a two-time state championship drill team. Emily was a two-year member of the Aggiette Dance team at Utah State University. She has been a vocal and dance teacher, coach, and judge for many dance and performing related studios and events.

Emily loves to travel the world and spent two months working in an orphanage in Africa. One of her favorite places for a quick trip is New York for a musical or to see the Rockettes. Emily is married to Jed and has a one-year-old boy, Maverick, and a baby boy on the way. In her spare time, she loves spontaneous dance parties and singing in the car with her family.

If you have any questions about Emily, feel free to contact us at

Ashley Mertlich:

Ashley LOVES music! Some of her favorites include The Beatles, Rockabye Lullaby, oldies, pop, and classical. She is the mother of 3 and enjoys teaching her children the importance of music. She always has music playing in her home, and if you come over unannounced, chances are you will walk into a dance party.

Ashley has been teaching children music for the past couple of years and believes there is nothing better in this world than hearing children sing (except maybe Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs...). She adores the happiness and spirit the children bring when they sing and ENJOY IT! She believes music should involve fun, movement, dancing, and soul. She is excited to be a part of Imagine This! Logan and share her love of music to all who enter the door!

If you have any questions about Ashley, feel free to contact us at

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