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Da Vinci's (Art III)

da Vinci Children's Art Class

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Price: $50.00/1 month(s)

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Cost: $50.00

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After graduating from Art I & Art II with knowledge of Elements and Principles of Art, students in this 45-minute class will study advanced art skills, such as human anatomy, perspective, and composition skills. Every month will have a different focus to allow students to fully grasp each concept. These will be guided by the following focuses: Human Anatomy, Perspective, Constructive Drawing, Drawing from Life, Color Theory, Golden Proportions, Composition Skills, Drawing from Memory and Imagination, and Self Expression. This year we will also be focusing on helping them build their portfolio as an artist.

Students will be required to have a basic knowledge of not only elements and principles of art, but how to apply them in their advanced lessons. They should also be comfortable with mediums taught in Art II, such as watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, etc. While students learn art skills, they will also be given many opportunities to use their stretch their imagination but responding to themes, prompting them to express themselves as well as build their art expertise. We will also periodically ask for their input about what they most want to learn and gear these group lessons toward that as much as possible while still teching required lessons.

*While it is not required the student to have attended our Art II classes, it is required that they understand the concepts we have taught. See below for a checklist to decide which art class is best for your child!

Please note that you'll be signing up for automatic enrollment, so you'll be automatically charged every month within 1-3 business days of when you register. Enrollment is ongoing, so this allows people to sign up throughout the month. However, there is no commitment - you may cancel at any time!

Art III Requirements:

- Knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Art (see class descriptions for Art I & Art II for more detail as to what these are)
- Be able to paint the "Color Wheel" with no assistance
- Have basic knowledge of common art history
- Have basic knowledge of common mediums (acrylic, oil, watercolor, palette knife, charcoal, etc.)
- Recommended age range: 10-18 (however,
parents or students themselves are encouraged to choose whichever class they feel would be best for them. After all, you know your child best!)

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