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Paint Night

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By now you've probably heard of Paint Nights. If you haven't, you're in for a treat! Basically, you choose which painting you would like to complete, and our talented artists will lead you through every step! All supplies are included. By the end, you won't believe how amazing it is - and you did it ALL YOURSELF!

These events are great to bring a friend or come alone, and usually take 2-3 hours depending on the chosen artwork. Want to bring some wine? Feel free to bring your own! (If you're 21 or older!) And remember - for ALL of these events there is NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! So come have fun, laugh, and go home with a beautiful piece of art!

We are unique, as well, because we do so much more than just "paint nights". Just look at all the amazing types of events we have. You can even sign up for a private event (8 person minimum) and choose your own painting!


PAINT NIGHTS are a pre-determined painting, check them out on the left! If you would like to choose your own painting, contact us to set up a Private Paint Night!

CHARCOAL NIGHTS are where we do the art using Charcoal! This is a one-of-a-kind experience, you'll be so impressed with your ability to use a medium you may have never done before!

DATE NIGHTS are when a couple does two paintings that will either match or go together. The beauty of this is that they are on separate canvases, so each gets to show their own style. But they can be hung side-by-side to show how their styles mesh - just like the couple themselves! These date nights are only $25 each, so a couple can come for just $50! Please make sure to purchase 2 tickets.

MOTHER-DAUGHTER NIGHTS are nights just for Mothers and Daughters! Whether the person you want to paint with is 8 or 80, come join us for this special night. Age 8 and above. These watercolors are completely customizable - you can change hair color, number of daughters, etc, to make it your own! Please make sure to purchase 2 tickets (or more, if you have more daughters or generations attending!)

ABSTRACT NIGHTS are when there is literally nothing you can do wrong - it's abstract! Sometimes there will be a theme, but really you are just using paint to express your emotions - whatever they may be! Definitely our most unique and enlightening paint night.

POUR PAINT NIGHTS are when you literally pour the paint on the canvas. It creates amazing and unpredictable patterns in the paint!

CALLIGRAPHY NIGHTS are when you bring your own quote and we teach you how to write it with calligraphy! We'll help you design it, but you'll be jumping to get it framed when it's over!

SPRAY PAINT ART is exactly what it sounds like! You create art using Spray Paint! Surprisingly easy, definitely fun!

PLEIN AIR ART is when we paint OUTSIDE! We'll choose a park or other outside area, teach you basics about how to paint certain elements, then let you go! Our Art Teachers will help guide you with techniques, but the choice of subject is all yours!

PAINTINGS BY FAMOUS ARTISTS is when we take a famous painting (i.e. Starry Night by Van Gogh) and simplify it a bit so YOU can do it!

CLASSES are when we take a technique and 3 hours and teach you everything we can! Sometimes you're doing a set picture, sometimes your creating from your imagination. We also have different levels within these 3 hours, so we can fill in gaps at any level!

PRIVATE PARTIES are when you choose your own painting! Or charcoal. Or other art activity. 😉 You must have a minimum of 8 attendees, maximum of 40. We do offer a 10% discount for large groups (20 or more). Contact us to set up your preferred date and choose a painting! After it's all set up just ask your guests to add Private Party to your cart then have each guest go and buy their ticket! All guests have to do is put the name of the host/honoree in the "Order Comments" section at checkout! (or you can buy them all and have them pay you back, of course) This is a very popular option, so let us know ASAP if you're interested in this!