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Art Camp

Art Camp

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***Art Camp Registration is now CLOSED. Check back in April 2021 for next years camps!***

This year we’re having a variety of camps for kids and adults! For Kids, Famous Artists and Art Around the World! For Adults, Basics of Drawing and Painting! And for all ages, Cartoon Camp!

Famous Artists: This year we’ll be studying the works of famous artists and the specific type of art they are most known for! We’ll be studying Impressionism via Van Gogh, Renaissance Art Techniques from Leonardo da Vinci, Modern Art like Jackson Pollock, and of course, Abstract Art through Pablo Picasso!

Not into famous artists? Totally cool, we’ll also be studying Art from Around the World! (And if you did art camp with us last year, we chose different countries!) This year in Art Camp we will be studying art from China, India, Greece, and Russia! In China we’ll study paper lanterns and painting with ink, then we’ll wander over to India to study rangoli and henna! After that it’s a short jaunt to Europe to study Greecian pots, then off to Russia to study nesting dolls and architecture! You’ll be a world traveler without leaving Cache Valley!

And last for best – CARTOON CAMP! We are lucky to have a very talented cartoonist working here, and she is excited to share her knowledge of all things cartoon and anime! She’ll show you how to draw basic cartoon characters, as well as some famous ones. This will involve making cartoons out of normal people or inventing them from your imagination – two very different kinds of cartooning! For your final project you’ll design your own character!

For our last day of each kids camp, we'll invite parents to the last hour of class to show them everything their children have accomplished! They will also receive a certificate showing they graduated from Art Camp! Kids camps are for ages 8 and up.

But we don’t want to forget about the Adults! We’ll be doing a month-long class for adults once a week where they will learn the Basics of Drawing and Art! This will include instruction in basic drawing skills, charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic. The last week you’ll create a project all of your own doing whatever kind of art you like best!

All materials and instruction are included in the price. There will also be light snacks each day for the children's camps. We will email you a form asking about allergies and other health information once your registration is complete.

Dates: Normal Camps will be daily from 12:30-3:30 pm. They are $125 and include all supplies. Adult camps are at the times mentioned and are $100 and include all supplies (plus some to take home!)


June 8-12 - Kids Camp - Around the World

June 15-19 - Drawing Cartoon/Anime (Any age 8 and above)

June 3-24 - Adult Camp - Drawing and Painting Basics (every Wednesday @ 7-9 pm)


July 6-10 - Kids Camp - Famous Artists

July 13-17 - Kids Camp - Around the World

July 9-30th - Adult Camp - Drawing and Painting Basics (every Thursday @ 7-9 pm)


Aug 3-7 - Kids Camp - Famous Artists

Aug 10-14 - Drawing Cartoon/Anime (Any Age 8 and above)